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Welcome to my website. I hope you'll enjoy roaming around my pages.

Whether, I write romantic suspense, contemporary and short stories, they are about the empowerment of women.  So many crimes are perpetrated against the weakest in our society.  Many of these crimes are against women, children and animals, but not limited to them.

It sickens me to hear the news every night.  The criminals are coming up with more and more obscene crimes to commit.  Many of these people are never caught, and the ones who are often don't face the consequences they should.

In my stories, I want my villains caught and punished.  I want a HEA (happy ever after) for the good people.  My heroine and hero may struggle to get their HEA, but they get it, and the villain suffers as he/she should.  None of my characters have an easy time of it, but I make sure each gets what they deserve in the end.