Sandra K. Marshall


Novellas and Short Stories

A Fool's Fool
Pranks are carried too far.

Kathy O'Reilly, a strong-willed woman doesn't allow men to walk over her or anyone else.  When one of the co-owner's of Gagsters, Norm Jokes, is allowed to get away with playing pranks, she speaks up to her boss.

Jason Barrone, co-owner of Gagsters is attracted to his assistant and will not allow his best friend to cause him to lose her.  Jason wants them to be friends because he doesn't want to have to make a choice of who goes and who stays.

All Bets Are Off

Can a recovering gambling addict bet on a second chance at love?
Ana Torres has dug her self out of her gambling debts and started a business to help others with the same problem. Now, she wants to show her soul mate she has changed and win him back.

Jason Gibbs meets his wife at a party and realizes he still loves her even after all she cost him with her gambling addiction. He wants to find out if she has changed, and if she has, he will woo her back.

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All Bets Are Off

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